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Rodeo Houston 2018 Food

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is open for 2018. This is your opportunity to indulge in decadent deep-fried treats and food on a stick. How much damage can you do to your self in a visit, let's find out. Here are somenew foods to try this year at the rodeo.


Try Fruteria Cano. This Mexican frutería sells fresh fruit in a cup with chili and lemon, fruit on a stick, mangonadas (a fresh mango slushie), fruit smoothies, and more!


What’s better than pie? Fried pie, after all it is the rodeo. Look for Minneapple Pie’s concession stand and order up a deep-fried pie. Handmade with fresh ingredients, the pies come in three flavors: apple, pumpkin and chocolate. They won the Gold Buckle Foodie award for Best Fried Food this year. The pie is even better topped with ice cream.


Food on a stick is a favorite at the rodeo. Stop at Sudie’s Catfish House to taste this year’s winning Gold Buckle Foodie dish: fried bread pudding on a stick drizzled with Kentucky bourbon sauce and caramel. Wow!





Head over to Fried What! This popular rodeo concession always has crazy new fried foods to share. This year, it's their bacon-wrapped, deep-fried cinnamon rolls.

See the full list of rodeo dining vendors here.

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