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5 Ways to avoid your client thinking you are a Know-It-All


Yet, too often sales professionals are so concerned with making sure they look smart to their customers that it comes at the price of making their customers feeling stupid.

Here are five things you’ll want to avoid in your talks with clients to make sure you aren’t hurting their self-esteem:

1. When a customer is wrong, try to avoid “schooling them” on the error. Instead, try to make the mistake seem like one that could have happened to anyone.

2. Avoid jargon that could be confusing to your customer. Translate your thoughts into language that the customer can easily understand.

3. Don’t go on and on … and on. Listen more than you talk. Be respectful and value your customers’ time. Don’t drag out conversations in a way that seems disrespectful and make them feel like you think their time is less valuable than yours, Solomon writes.

4. Don’t let them feel like an interruption. Hold off on taking phone calls or responding to messages from other clients when you’re with someone else. Avoid making customers feel like they’re an interruption of your work, rather than central to it.

5. Don’t assume they know the process. Make sure they understand your value proposition in easy-to-use terms and steps. “Feeling lost and frustrated is a counterintuitive customer experience.

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