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How to Make a New Years Resolution

I was watching the news this morning and the anchor said: “why make a resolution, nobody ever keeps them.” I actually think it's a good idea, but most of us frame it all wrong.  At the end of a year it's time to evaluate the year, set some goals, and evaluate if you want to change behavior.

I don't know about you but I tend to challenge myself and set lofty goals.  That's why I believe many of us fail to keep our resolutions. So frame your resolutions differently:

  1. Think small – Challenge yourself with a behavior that you CAN accomplish.
  2. Think fun – Who couldn't use more fun in their life.
  3. Treat yourself – Rewards help when you meet your goals.
  4.  Think long-term – Pace yourself, you have a whole year to accomplish your resolution.

Set yourself up for a year of success!