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New Nest Home Facial Recognition

Are you worried about your privacy? There are laws regarding drone footage and security cameras in public areas.  I use cameras around my home and outside my AirBnB properties.  But not inside my home. Using motion sensing they notify me when motion is detected.  So, for example, I know when a neighbor is feeding my cat or how many people are really checking into my rental property. Technology keeps improving. Now Nest is adding Google's facial recognition technology. The camera will be available soon. This will be Nest's first device to identify people. Facebook facial recognition technology to automatically recognize and recommend tags of people in photos in posts. With this camera you would be able to trigger on a particular face, not just motion.

The Nest IQ camera is shipping in late June/July for around $300. Monthly subscription is $10 a month for facial recognition. The same plan will also includes sound recognition, such as sending you a notice if it recognizes a  sounds like a barking dog. The camera will only identify people you select through Nest's app for phones.