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Spring Break Vacation? Keep burglars out!

Secure the inside of your home

Here are tips to suggest how you can protect your home from the inside.

  1. Update your home security monitoring service to ensure it has your updated contact information.
  2. Put valuables in a safety deposit box.
  3. Lock all your windows and close most of the shades.
  4. Put a timer on some of your lights.
  5. When you leave, set your security system.

You'll also want to make sure you don't return to any damaged property. So, turn off and unplug electronics, especially TVs, computers and other devices that can be damaged during power surges. Turn off the gas and water.

Also, to ensure you come home to a clean and fresh-smelling house, before you leave, clean your garbage disposal by running it and pouring in water and vinegar. Wash your dishes, dry out your sink, and throw out food that'll spoil in the refrigerator. To save money, adjust your thermostat so it's cooler than normal in winter and warmer than normal in summer.

Secure the outside of your home

Don't make it easy for burglars to get inside your home. Here's how home security experts at SimpliSafe suggest you protect your home from the outside.

  1. Move hidden spare keys inside your house while you're gone
  2. Put your car in the garage
  3. Mow the lawn and trim the hedges
  4. Move ladders and other supplies a burglar could use to get to the second story
  5. Lock your windows and doors

Get your neighbors involved

To keep your home safe, there may be nothing better than having your neighbors keep an eye on it. Offer to do the same when they're away. That will benefit the whole neighborhood. For example, if your neighborhood is safe, insurance rates will stay low, and crime statistics won't pop up on real estate websites.

Here's how your neighbors can help keep your home safe, according to home security experts:

  1. Have them pick up ads and flyers that people stick on your door.  Plus, put a vacation stop on newspaper delivery. Stop your mail delivery or have a neighbor pick up your mail.
  2. Give your most trustworthy neighbor an extra key in case they need to get in; give that neighbor a security code and a  safe word (change it when you get home)
  3. I have a electronic lock and give the neighbor a code for the door and alarm. With my system, I can open the front door with my phone if necessary.
  4. Ask your neighbor or hire a person to mow your lawn and trim your plants.
  5. Have them set out your trash cans, even if they're empty.

Remember, you've worked hard to take your family on vacation. You shouldn't spend your leisure time worrying about what's going on at home.


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