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Two Haunted Spooky Houston Properties

Here are what some say are the top haunted places in Houston:

2309 Wichita St.

This spooky house is said to be haunted by the spirit of Charles Fondow – a former VA nurse.  Whey she was alive, she always shared happiness among the helpless. Here 60's were a black time for her and she died at 64. They say death destroys the body, but the soul remains. It is said that even though she died in a Barbados hospital her soul traveled back to the home on Wichita St. Trespassers have heard strange noises and knocking sounds and some have seen the appariton of a ghostly lady figure.

1101 Elder Street – Jefferson Davis Hospital
Jefferson Davis Hospital opened in 1925 as Houston’s first permanent publicly-owned health facility to accept indigent patients (see image at top). The Hospital is said to be possessed by deceased Hospital patients and was built on a cemetery of the 1800's. The cemetery had numerous graves of civil war and yellow fever victims. People report shadowy apparitions and a feeling of being watched. At night people report seeing ghosts of solders and infants wandering the place.

In 2013 the property was converted into a combined total of 34 artist lofts and residential housing units, now known as the Elder Street Artist Lofts and again assumes its regal stance as home to dozens of Houstonians. It is said the spirits now haunt the newly constructed lofts there


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