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Winterize your house and improve resale for less than $500

As the winter heads in and the weather gets colder, homeowners begin to turn their thoughts to preparations their homes might need to stay warm and comfortable.

Although there are a lot of expensive upgrades that owners could do on their homes this fall, there are also several others that can have just as big an impact on comfort, energy efficiency and how well the property will hold up through the coming months that will cost a lot less.

These five fall fall improvements cost less than $500 and will still give homeowners and sellers a lot of bang for their buck.

  1. Insulate the attic

The vast majority of homes today are under-insulated, leading to higher energy bills, colder interiors in the winter and hotter interiors in the summer.

And even in homes that do have adequate insulation, it’s important to remember that older insulation does break down over time, and it may become displaced by rodents, pests or workman, all of which can reduce its efficiency.

Insulation often tops the list of things homebuyers like to see because it means they’ll have lower utility bills, while staying more comfortable year round.

Attic insulation may allow a seller to recoup a whopping 116.9 percent of the costs at time of resale!

Cost: The average cost of insulating an attic yourself  is around $400.

Money saving tips: Invest in batts that don’t use fiberglass, and have them installed DIY to save on labor costs. Purchase the highest R-value insulation available to allow the new homebuyers to save more on their energy bills going forward and to get the best ROI.

  1. Put in storm windows

Once summer days are over, cool air starts seeping in around your existing windows and doors. This is due to an air gap that is present in many homes, which can account for a loss of as much as 40% of the energy used to keep the home at the desired temp.

Putting up storm windows before a home is being shown will eliminate drafts and  make it more comfortable for buyers walking through.

According to, installing them will save the homeowners up to 33% of their energy costs. You can recoup as much as 73% of the cost at time of resale. Of course it saves all year round and helps with cooling costs too.

Cost: The cost of installing storm windows is around $275,



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